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Sofa: Ikea | Sofa Pillows: Serena & Lily | Ottoman: Ikea | Coffee Table: Ikea | Dog Basket: Chewy |

There are a few things I love about my apartment: it is brand new and I face south so I get endless sunlight and therefore, natural light. I will be honest and say this sofa is about 5 years old and from my college days! I was planning on gutting a new sofa last year, but then I adopted a furry dog and I decided I would wait. Since I opted to not get a new sofa, I thought I would spring for an Ottoman that would make my sofa a little more cozy. It is from Ikea and surprisingly comfortable. A fair amount of my items actually come from Ikea and other than hating going in the store, the stuff is pretty nice! Until I get a house, I am not willing to spring for super nice furniture sine being young requires a lot of moving.

Bar Stools: CB2 | Flowers: Michael’s | Soap: Jo Malone |

I love my kitchen! At my first apartment, the kitchen was placed in the back of the apartment, in what felt like a black hole. This kitchen is white everywhere has endless amounts of lights, plus the natural light. I was actually anti barstools for a while, because the counter height at the apartment complex isn’t standard, so if felt like you were either sitting too high or too low. But I wanted my guests to have some additional sitting and to feel close to the kitchen if I was in there cooking. The acrylic is super awesome because the bar stools are there, but not since they are almost see through!

Bookshelf: Ikea | Baskets: Old; Similar Here |

Ikea really has the best stuff. This shelf is only $80! I have had it for years and never had a problem. It comes in both white and black, my whole apartment is white, so I went with the white (haha!). I of course have books, but I don’t actually only put them on the bookshelf — unless they are the coffee table books. But this shelf is amazing for displaying my purses. Ideally I would like to have them in my walk in closet, but that will have to be in the future. Till then, they are in the living room and are actually a great conversation starter!

Console Table: Wayfair | Mirror: Target |

This little walk in table is a recent addition to my apartment. The space between my bedroom and bathroom used to be a wasted space and very bare. Now it is more fun! I am still finding pieces to decorate it, but it is coming along. It was also challenging because if the table was too wide, I would walk into it as I exited the bedroom. I also love having a mirror to check how I look when I walk out the door.

Dining Room Chairs: Restoration Hardware | Dining Room Table: CB2 |

This table is set up right by the windows that face south! It is absolutely amazing to sit at the table in the morning with a cup of coffee and work away. The sun comes pouring in and just makes you happy! Especially now that I am working from home, I am getting to use this little nook all the time.

Candle: Diptyque | Pineapple vase: Old; Similar Here | Tray: TJ Maxx; Similar Here | Faux Flowers: One King’s Lane; Similar Here |

I love this tray that I found at TJ Maxx! A lot of my decor pieces come from there and One King’s Lane. I try to find pieces that aren’t too expensive so I am able to change them out frequently.

Books: Coastal Blues; Simply by the Sea | Coral: TJ Maxx; Similar Here |

I love the coast and water more than everything. So, since I currently live in Colorado, I try at add little touches of coastal living where I can!

Books: Veranda Escapes; House Beautiful Color | Bag: Chanel |

Lastly, a quick look at the view in summer time!


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