Trader Joe’s Iced Coffee

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It is finally spring! For me, spring for me means iced coffee – not hot coffee! In the past, I have made iced coffee from my Nespresso machine and then poring it over ice, but it was SO weak. All the ice would melt and it would be watery coffee – no thanks. After that fail, I tried an iced coffee recipe from Pinterest and it was quite good, but was a little more work than I was looking for. It required cardamon pods (which are quite expensive!) and condensed milk. I wanted a simpler recipe that I could grab and go more easily. The other day, after an hour at Trader Joes, I found this prepared cold brew coffee. I honestly wasn’t even looking for it, but while waiting in the super long line to check out, I saw it! I decided it was worth a shot and it was! It tastes so much like Starbuck’s cold brew, expect this doesn’t cost $4 (per serving)! Not only does it taste good, but it couldn’t be any easier to make.

I take a tall glass or mason jar and fill it completely with ice (somehow this makes me happy) and then you your half a cup of the cold brew mix in the cup, along with a cup of water. Whatever amount of cold brew you put in, you double it with water. This makes it not nearly as strong. After, I pour in either oat milk (if I am being really good) or half and half. Then on the very rare occasion, if I am looking for a little additional sweetness, I add a pump of vanilla syrup. Stick a straw in your glass and you are ready to go!


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