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Top: Loft | Jeans: Just Black Denim | Belt: Hermes | Bag: Chanel | Watch: Michele | Bracelets: David Yurman, David Yurman | Lip Gloss: Tom Ford

Remembering wearing this outfit makes me miss getting dressed up! I am quite tired of wearing Lululemon shorts and sweatshirts. Don’t get me wrong, I am super comfortable, but I am ready to get dressed up, put makeup on and feel like a girl!

When the news started around Covid, I had no idea and didn’t exactly believe it would have such a big effect as it has. I didn’t think I would ever be working from home and here I am working from home – for the 7th week! It is just crazy. I am sure we are all ready for our normal lives to resume and see our friends.

Last Friday, I finally was a little social and met several friends around a bonfire. It was so nice and so hard to believe it has been weeks since I had seen most of them or been in any social situation! For the most part, everyone is doing really well, but feeling a little bored. I know several of my friends are completely bummed that all the Red Rocks shows have been postponed tilled 2021. Luckily, I am not a concert goer, so it doesn’t effect me, but I am sure it will in some other way.

Hope you are all staying safe and well! We will be through this soon.


PC: Denver_Pineapple

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