Look Inside My Closet (Plus a Few Tips!)


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One of my favorite things is to organize! I am constantly revamping and reorganizing my closet. I cant wait for the day when I get to have a huge custom closet (hopefully!). But in the meantime, I have really nice built in closet at my apartment complex and purchase bins and trays to make it looks as nice as possible. One of the most important things, especially when you have a lot of clothes, is to make sure you can see all you have! If I can’t see all my items, I will never wear them or find them months later (haha!). T

There are two things I love to display the most are my handbags and my shoes. I purchases the Ikea book case and keep it in my living room to display all my purses. It is the perfect and an inexpensive way to organize my bags and display other items as well. The woven baskets from the container store are also perfect ways to organize and make sure my closet stays looking nice. I use the baskets all the time and even though I cant see what is in them, I use what is inside all the time. I have 4 baskets in my closet that keep tennis shoes and all my swimwear and coverups. One of the last items I love is the acrylic tray from west elm. I am constantly moving it around and putting different accessories on display.

How do you organize your closet? I am always looking for new tips!

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


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