Shades of Blue


Trench Coat: Few Moda | Blouse: McGuire; Similar | Jeans: Just Black | Heels: Christian Louboutin | Bracelets: David Yurman | Watch: Michelle | Bag: Gucci | Sunglasses: Lilly Pulitzer

This is such a weird time to be alive. One day it will be interesting to look back on this and say we lived though it. It seems like something out of a movie where all the characters just vanish and everything is deserted.

Last weekend, the only two things I had to look forward to were 1. these pictures and 2. a walk in the park with my friend and dog! I really don’t enjoy being trapped in my home with little to no social outlets. For me, the excitement of getting to wear my pjs all day wears off quickly. I love getting all dressed up and doing my hair and makeup. Luckily, my best friend (AND photographer!) was willing to venture out of her apartment with me and into our town to take these photos. It was surreal. We were in the middle of the street in our once busy town that has now become a ghost town. I think we maybe saw 3 other people in total. It was crazy to feel like we were the only people in the entire world. The good news was we were able to take our photos wherever we wanted and not get run over by any cars! I am so grateful to my friend/photographer for giving me her time and sharing her photographic talents! Please check out her awesome page here.

PC: Denver_Pineapple

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