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Bag: Goyard | Cosmetic Case: Truffle | Jewelry Case: Truffle | Clear Mini Clutch: Truffle |Shampoo/Conditioner: Oribe | Hair Oil: Davines | Dry Shampoo: IGK | Supershine Moisturizer: Oribe | Moisturizer: La Mer | Face Oil: BeautyBio | Mask: Kiehl’s

Tote: Let’s start with the most important part – the bag. I purchased the Goyard GM right after Christmas (probably not the best time of year to spend so much). Despite my poor timing, I am in LOVE with the bag. I have always seen bloggers with it in all different colors, but when I was in New York last year, I fell in love with the cobalt blue color. In my option, it is so much more exciting than the black Goyards you see, or white, which I can’t even image – yikes. Especially if you use it for a travel bag, it wouldn’t be white long! Anyway, this bag fits everything and more. The only downside to having it fit so much is knowing you have so much space, you fill fit awfully full therefore making it rather heavy. All in all, I love the bag and is a purchase I have come to love more than the Louis Vuitton Neverfull I have used. The color adds so much to any outfit and I have received so many compliments! I cant yet speak to how well it will hold up, since it is so new, but so far so good! Hopefully it will be as durable as the never full has proved to be.

Travel Accessories: I don’t remember quite how I found out about Truffle. It was one of two ways. First, was maybe through instagram. Second, was me searching the internet for a trendy clear/plastic bag. Honestly, the only reason I would ever search for a clear bag was because I needed one, which I learned the hard way when I went to a college football game. Man! They are so strict. I went several years ago with a small tory Burch crossbody and they would not let me in. They sent me so far out of the way to find the lockers they told me to put it in — also, not a fan of that idea. Anyway, I learned the hard way that all college sports games require you to either have a VERY small person, basically a coin purse, or a clear bag (any size). Anyway, somehow I came across Truffle and I love them. I stink they are super cute, trendy and feminine. They come in several styles and colors to choose from so pretty much no matter what you are looking for you can find. It gives me a nice satisfaction to be able to see all that I have packed. I also find cosmetic and makeup to be awfully pretty, so I don’t mind seeing them all nicely packed up. The one downside is that they eventually do show wear on the plastic and it can become sort of cloudy. Truffle used to sell wipes online to clean them, but it seems they have been taken off. I wrote them to inquire and they said I should just use a plastic cleaner and paper towel, which worked, but it was a hassle and it definitely isn’t a clean as when I first purchased them.

Jewelry Case: This is also made by Truffle and was maybe my second purchase by them. I love it because you don’t need to worry about the plastic getting dirty – since there isn’t any! It is a really nice small size with a removable pouch. The top of the case has a small pouch where you can put necklaces or earrings. Since it is smaller in size, it doesn’t let you lay out your necklaces, so they will easily get tangled – major downfall. But for a short weekend trip where you aren’t packing too many pieces of jewelry it is great.

Hair (Oribe, Davines, IGK): Oribe has been my tried and true for the past several years. I have tried several different types (Brilliance & Shine, Signature, and Gold Lust). Brilliance & Shine and Signature have worked super well for my hair. I was under the impression that Gold Lust would work for me too, but I was mistaken. An Oribe specialist told me the Gold Lust shampoo/condition was better for being with actually courser hair. My hair is super find and I had the hardest time getting it to wash out. After I wash my hair, it feels like I have left the salon. The Brilliance & Shine is the best everyday shampoo/conditioner. Living in Denver, my hair dries up sooo quick and I am so thankful for this extra moisture. My hair just feels healthier when I use it. The Super Shine moisturizer is my go to product. I use it EVERY time I get out of the shower and it helps protect my hair before I apply all the heat. Back in August, I got extensions and since the hair is dead, it needs extra moisture since it doesn’t get it from my roots. So, I use the Davines oil everyday – wet or dry and it really adds that little extra softness and moisture my hair needs. Lastly, the IGK First Class dry shampoo is my go to dry shampoo and it is the BOMB. I use it several times a week to avoid the hassle of having to wash my hair. I think I’m on my 5th bottle and so far, I haven’t found anything yet to replace it. Before I go to bed, I put some in so it has extra time to absorb and it works like a charm!

Skin (La Mer, Face Oil, GloPro, Tula): I am definitely no skincare pro, but I can appreciate a few products. The La Mer soft moisturizer is something I recently splurged one. It is certainly not budget friendly. I put it on at night to make sure it has as much time as possible to absorb into my skin. The GloPro, not pictured, is also a staple in my nighttime routine. It sparked an interest when I saw it all over the fashion blogs I follow. They spoke so highly of it, I thought it was worth a shot! You can definitely feel it pricking/puncturing your skin, which is suppose to aid in the absorption of any product you put on after. Right now, I go with the recommended Radiance oil created by BeatyBio. It definitely adds extra moisture for night. I am not the biggest fan of how oils feel on my skin, so I don’t use it any more than a few times a week. Lastly, for my morning moisturizer, I use Tula’s Super Soothe lotion. I also use their face wash and since I started using them combined, my skin is amazing and my breakouts are way down.


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