My Experience with Rebag (Soho)

After 4 years, I finally made it back to NYC. I spent a year there in college, but transferred back to a small school in Chicago and after graduation made it to Denver – where I now live. NYC was so much better than I remembered – it felt like home. The city makes you feel free, young, and like you can do anything. The subway didn’t even bother me as much as it used to!

The best part of the trip was meeting my high school best friend, Lauren, who currently lives in PA. She generously met me there to spend a long weekend. We had an awesome time and did the classic sightseeing (Ferry tour and 9-1-1 Memorial). Over the weekend, we found ourselves in Soho originally to get some tasty macaroons from Laduree. After we waited in a line that was a little too long for my liking, we left with our cookies and kept strolling along Broadway.

Right up the street was this amazing little shop, brightly lit and with a lot of designer purses in the window. It immediately drew both of us in. We were warmly greeted by a friendly staff and doorman. The bags were amazing. I think we spent the first five minutes walking around and soaking it all in. I realized after we had seen everything that I kept gravitating back toward the Chanel Boy bags. They were amazing and there were quite a few to pick from! A really lovely associate, Gabby, came over and nicely inquired if there was a bag I was wanting to see. There was! This light pink Chanel bag had caught my eye, she unhooked it for me and I went over to the window and didn’t fall in love with it like I immediately hoped I would. There was another brighter pink Chanel the was also calling my name. She unhooked it for me and I spent the next hour debating between the two. Everyone was so patient with me as I kept switching them in the mirror. Gabby was so helpful, patient, and clearly knew a lot about the bags. Her opinion was invaluable and eventually helped me make my decision. My best friend, Lauren, was also the best! She kept looking around the store for over an hour while I debated and offered her advice. I think she even found a bag she will go back to!

After I finally made our decision, they poured us a little glass of champagne and wrapped up my new bag for me. The entire experience was wonderful – from the time we went in to our departure. Thank you Rebag Soho and Lauren! XO


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